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delicate dreams
I used to post my icons on this journal but not anymore. For graphics, please click the link below; it will lead you to my icon community.

However, I don't remove the icons posted on this journal -- I tagged them with "icon post" (you can find it if you browse through my tags); feel free to look at my old stuff. This journal is Friends Only.
General likes & dislikes:

♥: Ichigo/Rukia, Rukia, Byakuya, Gin, Nel (Bleach). Gray, Gajeel, Juvia, Erza, Erza/Jellal, Gray/Juvia (Fairy Tail). Squall/Rinoa (Final Fantasy 8). Namine/Riku (Kingdom Hearts). Zidane/Garnet (Final Fantasy 9). Akihiko, Yukari, Akihiko/FemMC (Persona 3/P3P).

X: Ichigo/Orihime, Rinoa/Seifer, Namine/Roxas.

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